Bobcat S590

Bobcat S590

More horsepower, excellent vertical reach and greater all-around performance makes the Bobcat® S590 skid-steer loader a great choice for a wide-variety of jobs.

With 66 horsepower and remarkable 2,100 pounds ROC, this loader has lots of power relative to it’s size. It also includes better flotation with larger tires.

hp 66
R.O.C. 1850 lbs
Width 65.2 in
Lift Height 9.5 ft
Tipping Load 4,200 lbs

Standard Features

  • Adjustable Seat
  • Backup Alarm
  • BICS System (Interlock)
  • Operating Lights
  • Parking Brake
  • Rear window
  • Top Window
  • Lift-Arm Support
  • Seat Belt
  • Engine Shutdown
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics
  • Bob-Tach Attachment System
  • Horn

Daily $275.00
Weekly $965.00
Monthly $2,415.00

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